SCA Roasting Intermediate Only

The Academy of Coffee Excellence coursework significantly exceeds the requirements for the SCA Roasting Intermediate Certificate. 

The SCA Roasting Intermediate Program requires a minimum of 30 hours training. Always ask to see the course syllabus so that you will know exactly what is taught and can make an informed decision about where to learn.

The Academy of Coffee Excellence has designed a 4-Day Course with 34 hours of programming named Roaster Level 1 Necessary Skills. Included within our course is all of the content necessary to fulfill the requirements of the SCA's Roasting Intermediate Certificate. Where our course exceeds the SCA requirements is in the necessary skills of:

  • Sample roasting for green coffee purchase
  • Working with green coffee importers and contracts
  • Understanding green coffee defects
  • Cupping skills
  • Profile transitioning from sample roast
  • Quality control tests
The SCA Intermediate Roasting Certificate Program plus the above content is the Academy of Coffee Excellence Roaster Level 1. For a detailed listing of what you will do and learn in our course Please Click Here. [Insert Link To Product]

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