Roaster Level 3 SCA Professional with Advanced Skills Application

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2 through 5 October 2023, Cairo Egypt

We will be teaching this class as part of a larger client project with Social Coffee Roasters in Cairo Egypt. It is open to the public.

Course Overview 

The Academy of Coffee Excellence's Roaster Level 3 - SCA Professional with Advanced Skills Application, 4-day comprehensive roaster training course adds significantly to the scope of and requirements for the SCA Professional Certificate. Prepare to have your skills and knowledge challenged, tested and expanded! 

This course is taught by Q Grader Instructors and Q Grader Assistant Instructors who are also green coffee, post-harvest processing, roasting and sensory analysis professionals. This course provides a solid understanding through applied experimentation of the interconnection of green coffee, roasting and sensory analysis. 

We will examine topics ranging from precise control of a roaster, to culinary science and sensory analysis, to farming and processing of coffee cherries. Roaster Level 3 graduates will leave the program with a depth of insight and experience necessary to innovate and lead in specialty coffee. 

This is an advanced roasting course. We assume that you have experience operating a roaster, cupping, writing a business plan and writing coffee contracts. Prerequisite knowledge of this nature will not be taught.

You will practice and build the skills of

  • Broadening the skills developed in the Roaster Level 2 - SCA Intermediate & Profile Development 
  • Conducting specific structured roasting experiments designed to demonstrate how heat transfers to coffee, and how substantively different various green coffees receive that heat 
  • Deepening your roast profiling skills by demonstrating how organic acids and flavor compounds enhancement (and destruction) occurs during your roast cycles 
  • Enhancing the perceived acidity of a coffee by precisely controlling the heat energy and airflow of your roaster 
  • Connecting the decisions that you made during these experiments with the sensorial perceptions on the cupping tables  
  • Developing the Good Manufacturing Practices necessary to have defensible hazard analysis, quality control and food safety systems in your roastery

The course size is limited to ensure a dedicated and personal educational experience. This course routinely sells out.

Your registration includes

  • Tuition for the training and education
  • Academy of Coffee Excellence workbook
  • Professional study guide
  • Morning coffee & snacks
  • Lunch


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