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Cupping Professional Skills Calibration Tables

Calibration Dates

  • Saturday 28 March, 2020 - 8:30am - 5:00pm

  • Places at the cupping tables are limited

 March Skills Calibration Sold Out. Additional Dates & Locations To Be Posted

  • SCA / CQI Best Practices & Protocol Review - 9:00am
  • Table 1 - 10:30am 
  • Table 2 - 1:30pm / 13:30
  • Table 3 - 3:00pm / 15:00


Calibration is critical for enabling Professional Cuppers to cup and evaluate coffees in an objective manner consistent with globally recognized standards and protocols.

Assumed and Required Knowledge

The Academy of Coffee Excellence supports continuous skills development via communities of practice. Knowledge of, and the ability to demonstrate, cupping best practices and SCA / CQI protocols are required for attendance in this community of practice.

Lack of the ability to demonstrate SCA / CQI protocols will result in forfeiture of your place at the cupping table without refund.


This Professional Skills Calibration event offers up to 3, full size 6 tray cupping tables. You may participate in up to 3 tables. You will receive feedback in the forms of:

  • Collaborative feedback from the group regarding attribute perception and description calibration.
  • Statistical feedback regarding your scores in the context of calibration to the group of Professional Cuppers.
  • Objective feedback from a CQI Q Instructor on the quality of usage of the SCA / CQI Cupping Form.

For attending 2 or more tables, lunch will be provided. Dietary considerations respected.

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