The Academy of Coffee Excellence has been developing coffee education curricula and training for more than 20 years. Our in-depth and researched coursework greatly exceeds the SCA required hours for the Foundation, Intermediate and Professional level certificate exams. We happily make the SCA certificate exams available to those who qualify where SCA certificate content is offered. You will, however, be learning so much more. 


It is important for you to know that educational offerings can vary widely among Authorized SCA educators. Always ask to see the course detail prior to enrolling so that you can compare what type of educational programming and experience you will be receiving. Also when comparing educational outlets compare the total course hours as well as the actual instruction hours that you will be receiving. The Academy of Coffee Excellence understands the skills that the coffee industry is seeking.

We train and consult for medium to large companies that hire:

  • Roast Operators
  • Roasting Managers
  • Directors of Coffee
  • Green Coffee Import Specialists
  • Sensory Specialists
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Directors of Quality and Food Safety

We also train and consult for small to medium companies that need to understand the interconnections among:

  • Roasting
  • Green and Roasted Coffee Evaluation
  • Purchasing and Contracting Green Coffee
  • Economic Sustainability Among Roasters and Farmers


Our curricula is designed to exceed their expectations.

Coursework SCA Course Hours
SCA Instructional Hours* Academy of Coffee Excellence Instructional Hours*
Green Coffee Foundation 7 4.83 6.75
Green Coffee Intermediate 14 9.25 20.5
Green Coffee Professional 24 16 27


* To go from SCA Course Hours to SCA Instructional Hours we have deducted the SCA time allotted for practical exams. We have assumed a 1 hour per day lunch break every day. We have assumed a 15 minute mid-AM Break and a 15 minute mid-PM break every day. We have used the same methodology to calculate our Instructional Hours.